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John's Wood(00) DCC
John’s Wood is a OO gauge layout set in the 1980s and was built by John Stephens. John’s Wood includes a range of BR Blue rolling stock from the Southern region and features a station and stabling area.The layout includes DCC control and sound and made its debut at Modrail 2015 in the Swindon Steam Musuem.
 Brewery Pit (00) DCC
Brewery Pit is a small OO gauge shunting layout set in the late 1940s, built by Tom Haynes. Rolling stock includes a variety of quirky small steam and diesel engines including x2 LNER steam trams.The layout is operated by DCC control and many of the locos include keep-alive capacitors. Brewery Pit made its exhibition debut at Modrail 2015 in the Swindon Steam Museum.


Hillside View (N) Analouge

Hillside New York is based on a short line in New York State where most of the income is from a major production company, where logs are turned into lumber for the building industry. The short line uses diesel traction power purchased second hand by New York Central as the future of the line hangs in the balance. Some additional traffic is generated due to congestion on the more direct main lines and this just about makes the line viable.

The visible area depicts a wood working factory with rail access, which connects to the double track main lines and a little used old style station. The layout measures 1.9m x .65m and is N gauge. The layout is operated from the rear, and .9m is required behind the layout for the operators. It fits in one car with 2 operators who are required to operate the layout during the day.




Schedenplatz (Z) Analouge

Is situated in the area around Bavaria in the foothills of the mountains. The town of Schedenplatz has a small industrial area situated behind the main line station which is served by rail. The township is small, hence a rather irregular passenger service, where the railway authorities use all their out of date passenger cars to serve the township.

2 operators space required behind the layout .9m fits in one car with operators.

Size .7m x 1.9m (Images to follow)

Seaview (N) Analouge

Round and round it has a holiday resort located by the sea. 6ft x 2ft. will fit in one car with operators.


Puffin Colliery (00/009) DCC/Analouge

This layout is currently being constructed in consists of a coal mine/collery which servived by a  narrow gauge railway which transports coal to a transfer to standard gauge.



The layout is German / Swiss based using Rokuhan Z track.It wiil be on display in Birmingham on Sept 30th at the European Modell railway show. All stock is Marklin. Also featured in Continental Modeller September 2017.



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